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US-2289890-A: Cleaning and sterilizing instruments and other articles patent, US-2292935-A: Timing relay for power circuit rupturing means patent, US-2294794-A: Suitacase patent, US-2302906-A: Governor patent, US-2306458-A: Measuring and recording apparatus patent, US-2311133-A: Glove patent, US-2315616-A: Turbine blade locking piece patent, US-2328212-A: Electric swivel patent, US-2330582-A: Circuit arrangement patent, US-2332703-A: Cement-fiber board patent, US-2335756-A: Aquarium water conditioning device patent, US-2340834-A: Treatment of vinylidene chloride patent, US-2349501-A: Frequency drift indicator patent, US-2350114-A: Head construction for dolls patent, US-2356081-A: Injection method of molding thermosetting material patent, US-2357365-A: Catalytic method patent, US-2357833-A: Thermoplastic molding composition patent, US-2358460-A: Abrading means and method of making same patent, US-2358525-A: Esters of the dihydro-estrine series and process of making same patent, US-2362817-A: Method of making sheet metal containers patent, US-2363251-A: Oyster harvesting apparatus patent, US-2367123-A: Apparatus for producing metal bodies patent, US-2368500-A: Printing press inking means and mechanism patent, US-2370000-A: Master compass and inertia means patent, US-2370867-A: Sash balance patent, US-2371471-A: Bottle carrier patent, US-2379341-A: Vehicle fender patent, US-2391349-A: Goggle patent, US-2401262-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-2402361-A: Carburetor patent, US-3412835-A: Flexible friction shoe patent, US-3539038-A: Automatic electric parking brake patent, US-3547465-A: Hydropneumatic suspension unit for use in vehicles or the like patent, US-3551114-A: Method and apparatus for synthesizing molten materials patent, US-3555432-A: High-speed ac/dc converter patent, US-3564679-A: Method and means for producing an umbrella frame of plastic material patent, US-3585643-A: Sun hat patent, US-3597405-A: Polytertrafluoroethylene powder and method for making the same patent, US-3605539-A: Apparatus for use with cutting devices for elongate workpieces patent, US-3605787-A: Polyjet valve patent, US-3618303-A: Guide separator housing for separating air charged with impurities patent, US-3619906-A: Oscillating north-seeking platform patent, US-3627186-A: Record handling and recording apparatus patent, US-3634294-A: Synthetic latices and method of preparing same patent, US-3642779-A: Indolo(1 2-d)(1 4)benzodiazepin-6-ones patent, US-3664638-A: Mixing device patent, US-3666603-A: Apparatus for laminating pre-embossed i.d. cards patent, US-3674299-A: Adjustable trunk lid holder patent, US-3674755-A: Process for copolymerizing alpha-monoolefins with or without a polyene,using catalyst comprising organoaluminum compound and vanadyl compound containing cyclic hydrocarbon group patent, US-3689282-A: Preparation of a baked potato product patent, US-3689341-A: Method of splicing rubber conveyer belts each having a steel cord embedded therein patent, US-3695911-A: Method for applying a flowable substance to a workpiece patent, US-3698887-A: Ureas and phytotoxicants patent, US-3701711-A: Decorative aluminum clad laminate patent, US-3701739-A: Method for forming mixed oxide heterogenous catalysts patent, US-3706027-A: Materials counting system utilizing permanent magnets and their associated fields patent, US-3714010-A: Preparation of anion exchange membranes from cellulosic sheets patent, US-3716783-A: Sequential check-out system including code comparison for circuit operation evaluation patent, US-3739046-A: Removal of orthophosphates from organic phosphate esters patent, US-3749609-A: Secondary batteries patent, US-3781342-A: Production of tertiary alkyl substituted ortho-toluic acids and esters thereof patent, US-3787361-A: Process for production of poly-phenylene oxide compounds patent, US-3787571-A: Trichloroethanol and trifluoroethanol topical and percutaneous steroid adsorption promoters patent, US-3795579-A: Nuclear fuel assembly comprising a sleeve of variable thickness patent, US-3809691-A: Novel cyanine dyes with fused imidazolo nuclei patent, US-3812036-A: Preparation of synthetic hydrocarbon lubrication patent, US-3813244-A: 'onium indo-n-arylsulfoaniline patent, US-3822956-A: Machine for cutting or stripping pavement patent, US-3824089-A: Method of aligning a two-capillary tube gas discharge device patent, US-3825054-A: Method for the manufacture of circular products patent, US-3827977-A: Composition for inhibiting scale formation in oil well brines patent, US-3842159-A: Metal catalysts and method patent, US-3849456-A: Preparation of methyl alkanoates patent, US-2471130-A: Process of preparing an iron catalyst promoted with an alkali metal fluoborate patent, US-2525810-A: Chemical condensation process patent, US-2578838-A: Crystal detector superregenerative receiver patent, US-2580476-A: Substituted heterocyclic compounds patent, US-2647148-A: 3, 4-dihydroxy-4'-halogeno chalcones patent, US-2711401-A: Stabilized chlorine containing vinyl resins patent, US-2753720-A: Engine starter gearing patent, US-2754464-A: Measuring and control device for dynamoelectric machines patent, US-2769818-A: Oxybis patent, US-2779027-A: Quick emptying means for tanks patent, US-2826703-A: Optical system for heat-homing bomb patent, US-2838490-A: 6-fluoro androstenes patent, US-2843907-A: Fastening devices patent, US-2844789-A: Microwave magnetic detectors patent, US-2853579-A: High-speed circuit breaker patent, US-2876707-A: Fuel pump patent, US-2895882-A: Production of glutamyl polypeptide by bacillus subtilis patent, US-2955543-A: Pumps for liquid dispensers patent, US-2982924-A: Wave translating systems patent, US-3033742-A: Apparatus for the manufacture of laminated corner pieces patent, US-3080410-A: Preparation of the ferric chelate of hydroxyethyliminodiacetic acid patent, US-3138650-A: Optical system patent, US-3189583-A: Preparation of vinyl aromatic ester homopolymers and copolymers, incorporating a pre-polymerization homogenization step patent, US-3212110-A: Collapsible anchor and buoy patent, US-3223737-A: Preparation of phosphines and phosphonium halides patent, US-3295489-A: Plastic compound catenary for anchorage and pipeline and/or cable support in any sea zone and depth patent, US-3318916-A: Process for the preparation of substituted tetrahydrofurans patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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