Composition biocide pour la lutte contre les parasites des abeilles domestiques, comprenant un extrait d'oleo europaea soluble dans l'eau

Biozide zusammensetzung zur bekämpfung von schädlingen, die die europäischen honigbienen beeinträchtigen, mit einem wasserlöslichen olea-europaea-extrakt

Biocide composition for controlling pests affecting european honey bees, comprising a water-soluble olea europaea extract


Biocide composition for controlling pests affecting European honey bees, consisting of a water-soluble Olea europaea extract The aim of the invention is to provide a biocide composition which consists of a commercial natural olive leaf extract ( olea europea ) and a carrier which allows administering the plant extract in the beehive, preferably syrup (50% w/v sucrose dissolution) to inhibit the growth of the Paenibacillus larvae bacteria in all the phases of its biological cycle, both in its vegetative state and as a spore, along with Melissococcus plutomius and/or Nosema spp. achieving a curative treatment or the prophylaxis of the disease in the Apis mellifera larvae and adult bees. The active substance is preferably oleuropein, a secoiridoid glucoside, naturally present in plants of the Oleaceae family, although in lower concentrations.




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