Inkjet marking device and method

Tintenstrahlmarkierungsvorrichtung und verfahren

Dispositif et procédé de marquage à jet d'encre


An inkj et marking apparatus 1, wherein a printing means 220 comprises a printhead 222 provided with a plurality of nozzles 224 in a direction intersecting the conveying direction of printing substrates P, the printhead 222 is supported so as to be movable in a direction in which the nozzles 224 are arranged, and a control means, at a time of nozzle change when the nozzles 224 to be used are changed, suspends the operation of a feeding means 10 to form a non-holding area on a carrier means 20 where the printing substrates P are not held in a holding part 22 and, after the printing substrates P are printed, moves the printhead 222 during a time when the non-holding area passes through a printing area A.




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