Procédé d'écriture de données dans un système de stockage et système de stockage

Method for writing data into storage system and storage system

Verfahren zum schreiben von daten in ein speichersystem sowie speichersystem


Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for writing data into a storage system and a storage system. The storage system includes a redundant array of independent disks (RAID). The RAID includes a control device and X storage devices, a data stripe stripe is stored in the RAID, and the stripe includes T members. The control device determines that at least one first storage device of the X storage devices is out of service, where at least one member is stored in the first storage device; selects a second storage device from the X storage devices, where a quantity of members stored in the second storage device is less than T/X; and then writes target data into the second storage device, where the target data is a data unit or a check unit used to update the at least one member that is stored in the first storage device. This can ensure data reliability to an extent.




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