Random access device and method

Dispositif et procédé d'accès aléatoire

Direktzugriffvorrichtung und -verfahren


Embodiments of the present invention provide random access user equipment, including: a receiving module, configured to receive a notification message sent by a base station, where the notification message is used to instruct the user equipment UE to execute a random access procedure; a processing module, configured to determine, according to a configuration parameter in the notification message received by the receiving module, a PRACH resource used to execute the random access procedure; and a sending module, configured to send the random access code to the base station on the PRACH resource determined by the processing module; where the receiving module is configured to receive a random access response message sent by the base station. The embodiments of the present invention further provide a random access method. The present invention has an advantage that executing the random access procedure on an unlicensed spectrum can be implemented.




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