Bilderzeugende vorrichtung

Dispositif de formation d'image

Image forming device


An image forming apparatus (100) includes a sheet feed section (120), an image forming section (180), a sheet feed roller (21), a pair of registration rollers (41), a pair of intermediate rollers (31), a first detection section (S1), a control section (10), and a storage section (50). The control section (10) calculates a sheet interval (T1) between a preceding sheet (Pa) and a succeeding sheet (Pb) based on a detection result of the first detection section (S1). The control section (10) determines based on the sheet interval (T1) and an ideal sheet interval (Ta), a second-linear-velocity period (T2) in which either or both a linear velocity (Vs) of the sheet feed roller (21) and a linear velocity (Vm) of the pair of intermediate rollers (31) are adjusted to a second linear velocity (V2).




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