Dispositif et procédé permettant de reconnaître un emplacement d'un robot mobile au moyen d'un réajustage basé sur les bords

Device and method for recognizing location of mobile robot by means of edge-based readjustment

Vorrichtung und verfahren zur detektion des standorts eines mobilen roboters mittels kantenbasierter nachjustierung


Disclosed are an apparatus for recognizing a position of a mobile robot using edge based refinement and a method thereof. An apparatus for recognizing a position of a mobile robot includes two wide angle cameras which obtain one pair of stereo images on a region of interest including a vertical direction and a horizontal direction in accordance with movement of a mobile robot; and a position recognizing unit which extracts an edge from the obtained stereo images, projects each seed in a given key frame based on the extracted edge, updates a status parameter indicating rotation and movement of an optical camera along a direction in which the calculated cost is increased as the projection result, and estimates a current position using the updated result




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