Device for changing the angle of inclination in wind turbines

Vorrichtung zur neigungswinkelverstellung bei windturbinen

Dispositif permettant de changer l'angle d'inclinaison sur des aérogénérateurs


The invention relates to a device for changing the angle of inclination (13) in wind turbines, which device is formed by a connection part (4) having a peripheral rolling ring (10) on which three support points (11), which support a bed (6) where the power train is supported, roll, thereby permitting the orientation of the yaw angle. At least one line of pistons (14) and their corresponding cylinders (15) are provided on each of the rolling support points (11), anchored to the bed (6) via a plate (16) for each group of actuators, thereby integrating the yaw and tilt actuation system. When the cylinder (15) pushes or retracts the piston (14) and the piston (14) extends or retracts the ringshaped connection part (4) (the fixed part), and the bed (6) that supports the power train (the mobile part) displacing a certain angle α, the piston (14), which is articulated (17) in the lower end thereof, progressively inclines in proportion to the angle of inclination α. The degree of inclination reached, for a leeward wind turbine, is based on the measurements of respective anemometers (5) established in the front portion of the nacelle (3).




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